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In a word, yes. Windows that have been repeatedly exposed to water (such as sprinklers), pollen, bugs, acid rain, salt and bird droppings, or simply haven’t been washed for a while take longer to clean. That’s why we recommend scheduling cleaning on some sort of regular basis, which really pays off in the long run.

We clean windows every week of the year.  Take pride in your clean windows all year long, rather than just once a year!  A routine basis is commonly:  outside only – once a month, every 2 months or every 3 months.  It’s up to you.  Clean inside and outside every 6 months.

Typically, nothing needs to be done prior to our arrival. You may want to personally move any valuables that would need to be moved to access your windows if it makes you feel more comfortable. If you have a lot of items located on your window sills, removal of these items helps us to expedite the cleaning process, and would be greatly appreciated.

Although our service people will go above and beyond in order to make the service you receive as pleasant and convenient as possible, they are instructed NOT to move any heavy, frail, antique or heirloom type objects in order to clean a window. Please make plans to move any such items prior to our arrival.

Yes, we give free estimates. We are often asked for a quote over the phone. We prefer to come out and give you an estimate after we have walked the site. This provides you with a more accurate estimate. It is based on the number of windows, the size of the windows, the location of the windows and how easy it is to get to them, and the condition of your windows.

We don’t want to be the cheapest – we want to be the best.

No problem, we specialize in post construction window cleaning. Post construction window cleaning is a very specialized proficiency. Besides simply cleaning dust and dirt that is kicked up during the construction process, it also involves the removal of construction debris that includes substances such as paint, plaster, stucco and texture, cement, tape residue, and window manufacturer stickers. Safe removal of these substances requires a particular subset of knowledge and training, chemical use, and specific tools. We are well versed in these techniques and potential glass quality issues that can come into play. Please give us a call for more information.

Yes, if possible. Frequently, storm windows are challenging or of a fragile nature and require extra care.

No, we don’t clean or vacuum the tracks.  We cannot make the door slide better, but we can certainly clean the glass.

No, we do not repair previously broken windows.      If an accident occurs while we are on property we will be responsible for replacing any damaged windows. 

As a rule of the industry, for the best results, it is a good idea to have your windows cleaned twice per year (inside and out).   Proper glass care will extend the life of your windows and the screens. 

Clean windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home, and it can be an essential element in the appearance of your business.

If you are looking to sell your home, window washing is rated the best return on investment when selling a home

Yes we can!  We have a process in which we can safely remove material such as paint, varnish, caulk, concrete, stucco, stickers, and sheet rock from windows. This does take longer and is not included in the normal estimate. This would be considered a construction clean up job.

Yes, we do, if possible.  We also remove window painting from business windows which have been painted for special occasions, Christmas, holiday, going out of business, sales, etc.   Sometimes we are called on to scrape writing, company names, etc. from glass doors.  

If you wish to be home during the window cleaning, we are happy to schedule an appointment which suits your schedule.  However, it is not always necessary for you to be home for the entire appointment. We can start on the interior window cleaning and you can lock up your home and leave while we continue on the exterior, as long as your screens pop out.  In cases of vacancies, your presence is optional but not a necessity, as long as access is provided.

If we are just cleaning the outside, you don’t need to be home, but gates must be unlocked for access into fenced areas and pets should be contained.

You can have just the outside windows cleaned, but it is highly recommended to clean both the inside and outside windows, since it is difficult to tell which side of the glass dirt or smudges are on.  Cleaning both sides is the only way to ensure that you are getting the highest quality of cleaning.  Streaks or dirt on the other side of the glass can be very deceiving.  People are often amazed at how clean their windows are when they are done professionally.


For residential cleaning we recommend “in and out” the first cleaning and then just out the next time.  In and out can be done just twice a year.


One exception to cleaning only the outside windows would be recurring customers who have their windows cleaned several times per year.

Windows by Chad will call or text to remind you IF you are a customer on a regular route OR if you have told us previously that you want your windows cleaned on a holiday schedule – Easter, Family Reunion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.   Our schedules can be as flexible as you need them to be.

If you know you are hosting a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, graduation party, etc., it is best to call ahead of time to schedule an appointment.

Due to the liability and lack of replacement parts, we do not clean crystal chandeliers.


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